Sake & Soju

Los Angeles Alcohol Delivery From King Keg

At King Keg, we’re proud to be your 360 beverage solution and the top source for alcohol delivery in the south bay including, party kegs, and everything you need to pour, drink, and serve alcohol. Not only do we offer beer delivery, and wine delivery in Los Angeles, we’re also proud to offer the following selection of Sakes to suit any taste. Whether you’re new to this Japanese rice-wine, or a long-time Sake lover, King Keg has you covered. Sake, pronounced “sah-KAY”, is an ancient fermented rice-wine that comes in many varieties. Much like wine, sakes can range from mild and fruity to bold and malty and can be enjoyed chilled or hot. King Keg invites you to shop sake in Los Angeles below. Whether you’re looking for the perfect sake to pair with sushi at your next dinner party, or simply enjoying a night at home binging your latest show, you’ll find what you’re looking for with our collection of sake in Los Angeles.

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