The Senator Barrel Proof 6 Years Old Straight Rye Whiskey (750ml)

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Vital Stats: Aged at least 6 years in new, American Oak. It’s 121.4 proof and 60.7% ABV. Distilled at MGP in Indiana, and bottled by Proof and Wood Ventures in Bardstown, KY. The mash bill is 95% rye and 5% barley....

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Appearance: The color is similar to a brand new copper penny, and the liquid is full bodied. The legs are graceful, but not delicate and cascade leisurely down the glass.

Nose: On first glance this whiskey smells grassy, a little bit dirty. There are some nice complexities, as it opens up, it smells a lot more sweet like a warm cinnamon roll.

Palate: The high ABV makes this rye feel all tingly all the way down to the pit of my stomach. It almost feels like heartburn at first, but after the whiskey opens up, it becomes more mellow. I added an ice cube to bring down the intensity from this boozy whiskey. It’s not intensely rye-heavy, but has a small amount of that rye spiciness that the grain is known for. It starts off sweet, it almost tastes a little bit burnt and very spicy. The rye and barley make for a very earthy combination. The rye is coming off as a little bit sour at first, with some interesting sweetness. I can’t  totally decide if I like this or not. The finish is very long, turning from earthy to more of a mushroom dryness and umami flavor. The mouthfeel is dry throughout.

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