Square One Bergamot Vodka Orange Flavor (750ML)

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Alcohol Content (ABV): 40% / 80 proof...

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Square One Bergamot takes the vibrant taste of bergamot citrus and layers it with mandarin, tangerine and navel oranges, plus the herbal warm spice of ginger, coriander, and juniper botanicals. Bergamot orange, predominately grown in southern Italy and along the shores of the Mediterranean, is a hidden gem among citrus fruits. You're probably most familiar with bergamot's exceptional influence in Earl Grey tea. We chose distinctive bergamot because, as a sour orange, its peel possess remarkable grassy, floral and tangy qualities. With our multiple botanical approach, we take this fruit out of obscurity and create an orange based clear spirit with greater depth and character than what is typically found among singularly flavored orange vodkas.

Square One Organic Spirits

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