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Kegerator Services

Employee Health

Events / Happy Hour



King Keg is your 360 Beverage Solution! We deliver, clean, and maintain the kegs and kegerators we provide!




Make sure your employees are healthy and productive with our variety of Cold Brew Coffee, Kombucha, Nitro Tea, and Cold Pressed Juice on tap!



We can provide delivery and setup for all your corporate events and happy hours! Bottles and kegs of beer, wine, spirits, and mixers.











Beverages On Tap





Nitro Cold Brew Coffee


Nitro Tea

Cold Pressed Juice

Carbonated Water



We are partnered with over 300 brands! From your favorite local breweries to nationally known brands! These partnerships allow us to provide the widest variety of kegs in the industry!


Please contact for a full catalog of our beverage selection and pricing.








Craft Beer

Domestic Beer

Imported Beer

Hard Cider


Sparkling Wine








Kegerator Units




Choose from a selection of kegerators! We have anything from home use to commercial use kegerators available. Single, double, triple, quadruple taps, we got it all! Want two towers? We have that too! 


Call to setup a free appointment so we can match your office with the perfect kegerator for your beverage needs!






Drink Command Self Pour System




We are now partnered with Drink Command, providing offices with their Self Pour System. This gives management full control over the use of the taps.  Choose what time you'd like a beverage to be available, number of pours per key card, and much more! Prevent overconsumption with the touch of a button! 


Connected through wifi to allow mobility of the kegerator for events or parties, and will work with every beverage in our catalog!











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