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During these uncertain times, we are taking the precautions needed to keep you and your family safe while still delivering kegs, wine, beer, spirits and more to our customers in the South Bay. Additionally, during this time to help our customers out, we will be offering free delivery as a thank you for staying home and ensuring this virus does not spread. Together we can flatten the curve!

You might ask how we’re ensuring a safe and socially distant delivery during this time and we’re glad you asked. Read below to find out more about what precautions we’re taking to ensure your delivery gets to you safely.


All Drivers Will Wear Masks & Gloves

We made this decision well before the CDC recommended that all people outside wear masks and we still stand by it for the safety of our team and our customers. With these recommendations in mind, we ask that while taking your delivery, you do the same and wear a face-covering to be mindful of our delivery people too.


Proof of ID At A Distance

Although we still require proof of identification, we will be taking proof in the form of a picture taken at least three feet away from you. We ask that you extend your ID as far as possible so we can maintain social distancing between you and our delivery people.


Social Distant Package Transfer

Finally, to absolutely ensure that our drivers are maintaining proper social distance, our drivers will leave all deliveries on the ground so there’s no possibility of contact between you and them.


Stay Safe & Stay Home

While we’ve always delivered kegs, beer, spirits, and more to our customers throughout South Bay, we’re happy to share that our team is doing their part to minimize the threat of COVID-19. As we look to keep relationships strong with friends and family while keeping our distance, we’ve thought of some fun virtual activities at home! From all of us at King Keg, we hope you and your family are safe and healthy. Please feel free to request deliveries directly from us or our partner sites and visit us after everything settles down!

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