Ojo Rojo Bloody Beer Mix (1L)

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Ojo Rojo is a Non-Alcoholic drink you mix with your beer of choice. Ojo Rojo is made using Fresh & Natural ingredients so you can experience the ultimate Bloody Beer!...

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The michelada recipe is a family recipe that has been around for decades. Initially made solely for family events, the married duo decided to start distributing the mix after an increase popularity among friends and family.

“We would make it in bulk for parties because everyone loved it so much, 1 bottle was never enough” said Elisa, the Vice President of Ojo Rojo Distribution Inc.

Word of the product has grown fast throughout social media channels with people tweeting, hash-tagging and sharing their photos for their love of Ojo Rojo Bloody Beer Mix on the company Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages.The handcrafted & aging technique is what separates us from our competitors.

What makes Ojo Rojo Bloody Beer Mix so different from it’s competitors is the fresh and natural process we use to make our mix. This mix is always made from the freshest ingredients, eliminating the use of High Fructose Corn Syrup and Mono-Sodium Glutamate also known as M.S.G. Replacing these Non-Popular ingredients with natural Kane Sugar among other natural ingredients.

One trip to Las Vegas Nevada is what helped trigger the start of the Company Ojo Rojo Bloody Beer Mix. After countless meets & greets at the same street corners, and certain business locations throughout Southern California using the support of Social Media Channels and of course the loyal support from continuous fans/customers is what help implement, what started at home in becoming a company which is now Ojo Rojo Distribution Inc.

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