Neft Vodka Barrel (100ml)

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NEFT Vodka – Russian for oil – is new ultra-premium vodka to the US that is packaged in a unique, specially made oil barrel. Pure Alpine spring water and the best quality grains are the basic ingredients for its wonderful, natural taste....

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NEFT Vodka exclusively uses four types of European rye grains: Rapidly, Amato, Pollino and Askari. We do not use any additives, such as sugar or honey, or any natural or artificial flavorings. The slightly sweet finish is attributable to the base of pure rye distillate as well as the unusual cleanness of the alcohol.

NEFT Vodka is produced exclusively in small batches using a distillate that is significantly different from that used in conventionally made vodka. In short - NEFT Vodka is in a class of it’s own.

NEFT is unique
NEFT is recyclable with no glass packaging, so won’t break or shatter
NEFT chills quickly
NEFT is lightweight
NEFT needs less space on the shelf
NEFT has novelty value

2014 San Francisco World Spirits Competition - Package Design Award
2014 China Wine & Spirits Awards - Gold Medal
2016 The Spirits Business - The Global Luxury Masters Gold
2016 The Spirits Business - The Spirits Design Masters Gold
2016 The Spirits Business - The Vodka Masters Silver

Bottle Size: 100ml
NEFT Vodka is available in your choice of white or black barrels. Same ultra-premium vodka in both versions.

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