Meiomi Pinot Noir (750ml)

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ABV: 13.9%
Region: Sonoma Coast, United States
Flavor Notes: Pinot Noir for Cabernet drinkers!...

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Winemaker Note - Dark, deep garnet color. Sumptuous aromas of ripe berries, vanilla and spicy oak. Upon entry, the mouth is coated with a velvety richness, but the acidity enlivens the weight and pops the flavors. The senses will pick up light roasted almond, cranberry, raspberries with ever so a hint of barnyard complexity-earthy and gamey. Underlined with a sweet oak character, mocha and cola. An extremely layered Wine both in structure and flavor. These textured layers emerge independently, and then rejoin beautifully into a rounded, rich and supple wine with a succulent finish.

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