Kirin Ichiban (7.5GAL KEG)

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Alcohol Content (ABV): 5.0%...

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Malt, hops, and water brought together to an art form. Unlike other beers, we use only the first press of the wort, hence ICHIBAN —which means first as well as best in Japanese. Our First Press process, or ichiban shibori method in Japanese, brews beer to its purest state for the best flavor, extracting only the most flavorful of the finest ingredients. Effervescence at the moment KIRIN ICHIBAN touches your palate, opening to a smooth, rich flavor. Typically, 100% malt beer delivers a strong and heavy taste, but, when brewed only from the first wort, a smooth, rich flavor ensues. This flavor is the pure flavor of the malt. This taste makes KIRIN ICHIBAN the perfect accompaniment to Japanese cuisine, 
which is known for its subtle and delicate flavors. 

Kirin Ichiban

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