High Alcohol Kombucha

Unique Kombucha Flavors For the 21+ Crowd

At King Keg, it’s our goal to be able to provide for every one of our customers’ needs, and that means offering cutting-edge flavor combinations of kombucha that deliver a uniquely satisfying taste.. When you're in the mood for something other than beer and wine, you can count on King Keg to provide a wide range of kegerators that are all available for delivery to the greater Los Angeles area. Check out our selection of 5.5-gallon kombucha kegs below!

Great Flavors From Boochcraft

If you’ve tried the unique flavors of Boochcraft kombucha, we don’t need to tell you how great it is. When you want to keep some on tap in the office or at home, we’re ready to be your kegerator service provider. We currently stock kegs of the following flavors.

  • Hibiscus and Heather
  • Ginger, Lime, and Rosehips

The Best From Flying Embers

We also stock kombucha kegs for Flying Embers kombucha in the following flavors:

  • Ancient Berry
  • Lemon Orchard
  • Ginger & Oak

Set yourself up with your favorite flavor today!

Your Los Angeles Keg Delivery

From kombucha to wine kegs, we carry just about everything you can think of to keep your home kegerator stocked up for any occasion. Our wide selection even includes premium coffee and kombucha kegs to stock your office breakroom when you need to keep your team fueled up and focused. Check out the rest of our selection today or contact us with special requests, and make us your go-to kegerator delivery service in South Bay!

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