Commercial Grade Single Faucet Kegerator Rental

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Turn your next event into a real party with our commercial-grade single-faucet kegerator! This heavy-duty kegerator makes it easy to serve beer, wine, kombucha, tea, or coffee straight from a tap, and the beer refrigerator can easily accommodate one 1/2 barrel keg, one 1/4 barrel keg, two 1/6-barrel kegs, and three home-brew kegs. This kegerator provides a powerful cooling system for the ideal serving temperature and comes complete with a CO2 or nitrogen system. With a compact, single-tap design, it's ideal for fitting seamlessly into any tight space.

Delivery time: Same day pick-up. At least one day for delivery. Any other inquiries, please leave a comment at check out.

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*Price listed is for 1 day rental. Includes installation, CO2 tank, and regulator. Does not include beer keg. A special delivery charge will be added depending on delivery obstacles.

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