El Segundo The 105 I.P.A (16OZ)

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7.1% ABV - 65 IBU...

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Aroma is slightly muted with notes of bready and toasty malt, backed up by deep hop tones of over-ripened mango. In the palate hops take the foreground with immediate notes of pine and resin with overtones of candied citrus. We employed “bursting” on this beer which essentially means we did NOT use a bittering charge of hops, but used a much larger than normal amount for additions with just ashort time left to boil. This large volume gets us the required bitterness for the style, and also HEAPS of hop flavor. Mid palate shows us some more ripe mango notes supported by pale fruits, and a touch of malt sweetness. Body is medium to medium full, with ample carbonation to keep the beer feeling sprightly yet with full satisfying character to support some astringency from large hop addition. Bitterness is rounded off and not so sharp and crisp. Attenuation is complete, and beer finishes dry with a lingering yet pleasant bitterness.

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