Drinkworks Classic Collection White Russian (4 Pod Tube)

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White Russian is back, orders your while supplies last!!

Made with vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream
4 oz | 7.5% ABV as served by Home Bar
50ml pods | 18.0% ABV in each pod ...

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White Russian is back, orders your while supplies last!!


  • Creamy & sweet
  • Not carbonated
  • Convenient bar quality drink in a recyclable pod by loop.

The White Russian hails from Brussels, where it was created in 1949 at the Hotel Metropole in honor of a U.S. ambassador. Is it Russian? Nyet. It simply features vodka and coffee liqueur. However, its smooth, indulgent inclusion of cream makes it the ideal treat or a perfect nightcap.

Just sweet enough to satisfy a dessert craving. Just the right coffee notes to complement a meal. And just enough vodka to offset the sweetness of the liqueur. Sophisticated, yes, and a little decadent.

When Russians are coming, serve over ice in short, round glasses.

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