Drinkworks Signature Series Chambord Royale (4 pod tube)

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• 7 oz | 8.0% ABV as served
• 50ml | 32.0% ABV in pod...

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Tasting Notes:

  • Medium & Fruity
  • Made with Chambord® Black Raspberry liqueur & Rosé Wine
  • Carbonated 

A simply beautiful combination of Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur and Sparkling Rosé Wine, the Chambord Royale is an extraordinary cocktail to toast a special occasion or transform the ordinary.

Chambord is a premium liqueur produced in the Loire Valley of France. An infusion of raspberries, blackberries and the exotic flavors of black raspberries, blackcurrant, Madagascar vanilla and XO cognac, Chambord perfectly complements the light, dry taste and red berry aroma of the rosé to create a cocktail that is equal parts refreshment and decadence.

Serve in a flute glass and top with a raspberry garnish. Santé!

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