Drinkworks King Keg 4th of July starter bundle

$334.99 Excl. tax
Get a Drinkmaker , a tube of Paradise Margarita, a tube of Strawberry Margarita, and a tube of Mai Tai for $334.99
Save $12.97 when purchased together...

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A variety of Drinkworks™ Pod Collections include classic and specialty cocktail offerings, leading beer brands like Beck's, Bass, and Stella Artois, and signature mixers. Enjoying quality drinks at home, both old favorites and new discoveries, has never been easier. The Drinkworks Home Bar includes everything you need to get started. Two CO2 canisters, cleaning tablets and a water filter are included in your purchase (over a $30 value). Below shows the contents of your order:

Drink Drinkworks Drinkmaker

Drinkworks Paradise Collection Strawberry Margarita Cocktails (4 Pod Tube)

Drinkworks Paradise Collection Margarita Cocktails (4 Pod Tube)

Drinkworks Paradise Collection Mai Tai Cocktails (4 Pod Tube)

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