Drinkworks Jack Daniel's Lynchburg Lemonade (4 Pod Tube)

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Made with the perfect mix of real lemonade and Jack Daniel’s Whiskey
4 oz | 9.7% ABV as served by Home Bar
50ml pods | 38.8% ABV in each pod ...

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Limited batch | Available for a limited time only. Get convenient bar quality drink in a recyclable pod by loop

If you visit the Jack Daniel Distillery, you’re pretty much guaranteed a warm welcome and a cool glass of lemonade. Some may call this a gesture of Southern hospitality, but we just call it “hello.” And if you stick around for a minute or two longer, you might very well get offered a splash of Jack Daniel’s Lynchburg Lemonade. Made with real lemonade and the perfect mix of Tennessee Whiskey, Lynchburg Lemonade is Jack Daniel’s answer to a hot summer day. 

Best enjoyed over ice with a lemon slice.

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