Coffee, Kombucha & Tea Kegs

Coffee, Kombucha & Tea Kegs

Non-Alcoholic Keg Delivery in Los Angeles

Coffee is the lifeblood of the modern office. So why are you leaving your employees to fend for themselves – or even worse, subjecting them to bad coffee? At King Keg, our mission is to make life a little more enjoyable for everyone with our all-in-one kegerator and keg delivery services, making it effortless to stock your next party, meeting, or office space with kegs of your favorite beverages. An office beer keg is a great way to help employees relax after a long day of hard work, but we also offer non-alcoholic kegerator services to keep your employees refreshed and energized throughout the day. And if you're looking for the perfect addition to your office or organization, nothing beats our kombucha and cold brew coffee kegs.

We offer a wide range of kombucha kegs and coffee kegs that are the perfect way to keep your employees happy, healthy, and primed for work. Our selection ranges from nitro cold brew coffee kegs to tasty, probiotic kombucha brews, giving your employees or party guests a delicious way to hydrate throughout the day. Plus, as a 360º beverage solution, we offer full delivery and installation, maintenance, and refills to keep your keg stocked the whole year round. Browse our inventory below and order your keg delivery today!


All kegs can be ordered upon request. All kegs out of stock require a 4 business day lead time.

Coffee is a staple in any office, but why stay in line with the majority of offices in Los Angeles when you can have a variety of delicious coffees and Kombuchas for your team and visitors to enjoy! King Keg offers a range of coffee kegs in Los Angeles as well as Kombucha kegs available to fuel your team. Our wide variety of coffee and kombucha kegs are perfect for events, or office areas, plus as your 360º beverage solution, we provide full delivery and maintenance for all our beverages and kegerators in the Los Angeles area. Learn more about each of our coffee, tea, and kombucha kegs we offer here, and if you have any questions feel free to contact us to learn more, from Nitro cold brew coffee kegs to unique kombucha flavors, King Keg has you covered!

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