Boomtown Brewery Devil's Delight Hazy Double IPA (16oz )

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ABV: 8.2%
Hops: 007, Mosaic, Vic Secret
Tasting Notes: Orange Marmalade, Honeydew, Herbal Tea...

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4-pack of 16oz Devil's Delight beer cans

This DIPA is a hazy golden color packed with hops, featuring flavors of mango, tropical fruit, grapefruit, and sweet fruit, balanced by bright citrus. 8.4% and oh so fresh!


Keenan Shur grew up in Glendale and spent a lot of time doodling through grade school before ending up at Cal State LA to study to become an Art Teacher. Realizing he enjoyed making art more than teaching about it, he left to attend Cal State Long Beach and study Fine Art & Printmaking. Since graduating, he’s spent time freelancing and working for Pawnshop Skate Co in Covina, combining his love of skateboarding and art

“I owe a lot to them for pushing me and getting me out there. That’s one of the areas that I want to break into as an artist, to do stuff for skateboarders. When I was a kid, it’s like, okay I really like these graphics, I look at them a lot, and know I can do that for somebody else.”

The design for this can started with the image of the devil holding a beer, something Keenan had done on his own for fun. He showed it to his friend and our GM, Patricia, who loved it and shared it with the rest of the team. We all immediately knew Keenan would be a great fit to work with on a new Artist Series release. He ran with his original concept, integrating the drawing into a balanced composition to create the can you have before you.

Keenan still lives in Glendale, and, at only 25, has many years of making art in Los Angeles ahead of him.

“At the end of the day I want people to appreciate my art and for it to bring some people joy in some way. I think that’s the ultimate goal.”


ABV: 8.2%

Hops: 007, Mosaic, Vic Secret

Tasting Notes: Orange Marmalade, Honeydew, Herbal Tea

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