Bona Fide Guatemala Nitro Coffee (5.5 GAL KEG)

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Buy kegs of Bona Fide cold brew coffee from King Keg. Call today & ask about our office kegerator program, & bring cold press/nitro coffee to your office!...

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Creamy, notes of cilantro and lime, medium body, smooth, notes of honey with a nice fruity finish.

Bona Fide Nitro Coffee is NOT cold brewed or cold press iced coffee. It is brewed with our proprietary, food-safe, Craft Draft process, cooled down to  40° F (4°C) and infused with pure nitrogen gas. When it is poured out from the keg under pressure, the micro-fine bubbles of nitrogen come out of solution and gently cascade upward displacing the coffee which “falls” downward creating a beautiful visual presentation in a clear glass. The nitrogen bubbles create a thick creamy head that floats at the top of the beverage. Bona Fide Nitro Coffee is very flavorful, smooth and refreshing. The flavor profile of each of our products is authentic, unique and extraordinary. Our products are made with the best organic and natural ingredients available, purified water, organic coffee (or tea) and naturally derived, pure nitrogen gas.

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