Where Can I Buy a Keg Of Kombucha in LA?

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Our non-alcoholic kegerator services are the best way to enhance your office, and energize your employees during the week. Coffee is a no-brainer for the office so make sure to check out our coffee and cold brew kegs. Kombucha, however, is an incredibly delicious and invigorating alternative, and as well as being popular and trendy it carries a wealth of health benefits your employees will love to enjoy while they work. King Keg offers a range of brands and flavors to suit your office or event, and we provide full delivery and maintenance service for kegerators installed in the Los Angeles area.

Health Benefits of Kombucha

Kombucha is fermented from black or green tea, and the process cuts the caffeine content significantly making it a great choice for people who want an productivity boost without a huge caffeine crash later on. The fermentation process also gives kombucha its many healthy properties.


All kombucha is fermented which means it contains healthy bacterias and yeasts which give it carbonation and flavor, as well as probiotic properties which improve digestion by adding desirable bacteria to the stomach's microbiome.


Kombucha is high in antioxidants, which fight free radicals, a damaging type of reactive cell that gets in your system from exposure to toxins. Kombucha is a proven way to detox the liver, and scientists believe that the antioxidants in Kombucha and other foods and beverages are more effective than antioxidant supplements.

Increased Metabolism

Kombucha brewed from green tea is shown to increase metabolism, making it a great choice for anyone trying to lose weight naturally, decrease cholesterol, and control blood sugar.

King Keg Has You Covered

If your office or event would benefit from the curative and energizing power of Kombucha, browse our extensive inventory and remember that we will deliver, install, refill and maintain your kegerator so that you can effortlessly supply your drink of choice all year round. Order your keg today or visit us to see our innovative technology in person!



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