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You can save the beer keg for the weekend office party, but what would drastically improve and invigorate the office during the work week? King Keg provides you with a delicious selection of non-alcoholic drinks including cold brew coffee, kombucha, and tea in our high tech and minimalist keg set-up that we deliver, maintain and install for you. Ditch the clunky and bulky vending machine for a futuristic kegerator that serves up fresh, cold beverages in the workplace all day, at an incredible price. Your office or organization will thank you for the convenience and delight of one of our non-alcoholic kegs.

Cold Brew Coffee Kegs

Everyone knows how important coffee is in the workspace. Coffee is the classic productivity drink, and daily coffee runs for the employees is to be expected. But, instead of having to brew fresh pots over and over again in the office coffee maker, or running out of time to grab a cup of joe on your break, opt for one of our cold brew coffee kegs, and have all the delicious, high potency, craft brewed coffee you want, on tap.

Kombucha for the Health Conscious

Kombucha is a probiotic and antioxidant drink made by fermenting tea. Its popularity has skyrocketed over the past few years as people have learned about the many health benefits associated with drinking it, and find its tart, refreshing taste and light carbonation very appealing. Kombucha improves digestion, energizes, and speeds metabolism, making it a wonderful treat for your employees. We stock a variety of delicious flavors and acclaimed brands in our selection of kombucha kegs.

Tea Kegs

For anyone craving a little lift in their work day without the caffeine crash associated with coffee, tea is the perfect office beverage, however, lots of the tea you find in offices, alongside the often terrible coffee, comes as those boring little bags of some nearly tasteless tea that never seems to brew quite right. Nip that negativity in the bud with our Tea Kegs, boasting a variety of variety of flavors and types of tea, including green, black, flavored, sweetened, unsweetened, and Thai tea

Order a Keg for your Office Today

When you order from King Keg, we deliver our product straight to your office, organization, event or home. Our contactless delivery provides you with everything you need to set up your keg, and we also guarantee maintenance of your unit and refills on demand. Contact us today or simply place your order. You can visit our Los Angeles location to see our keg technology in person!



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