Legendary Brews Available at King Keg

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There are many items on the long list of things that make life worth living, but at King Keg, we think that great beer has to be pretty high up there. The stunning growth of the craft beer movement means there's a nearly infinite variety of incredible craft beers to suit any flavor palate, and our expansive inventory and straight-to-your-door delivery make it easy to find your favorites. But if you need a place to start, we'd love to offer some suggestions – and you can't go wrong with any of these legendary brews.

Legendary Brews Available at King Keg

The Best Beers at King Keg

Looking to sample the best of what the craft beer movement has to offer? We'd be much obliged to help out. We stock a wide range of different breweries and beers here at King Keg, but in our humble opinion, these legendary brews are some of the best we carry:

  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale: Sierra Nevada may be big now – they're the second-largest craft brewery in the US – but they're still one of the best by any standard. They were some of the early innovators in the craft brewery movement and helped define the character of an American IPA, but their classic American Pale Ale takes the cake as the truly legendary brew.
  • Lagunitas IPA: What started as a tiny operation in the foggy hills of northern California has grown to be one of the biggest brands in the craft beer scene, but Lagunitas's classic IPA is still one of the best out there. Lighter on fruit and full on hops, this is a beer for those who truly love the three letters I, P, and A.
  • Pacifico: For those seeking a lighter brew that calls one back to a sandy beach, there's no better choice than Pacifico Claro. This pilsner-style beer iconifies everything that makes Mexican beer as tasty and refreshing as it is, and one sip will transport you to the sunlit shores of our southern vecinos.
  • Ballast Point Sculpin IPA: For those who like more fruit in their IPAs, Ballast Point is one of the undeniable champions of the brew. Their Sculpin IPA is packed with hops and weaves in touches of apricot, peach, mango, and citrus for a stunning combination and a legendary brew.

Order Beer Delivery in Los Angeles, CA

These brews are legendary by any standard, but our expansive inventory of quality beers leaves so much more to explore. Browse our full inventory of beers to see everything we have to offer and place an order online for alcohol delivery today. We can't wait to help you experience the best that the craft brewing world has to offer!


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