How Many Drinks Are In A Keg? Your Keg Ordering Guide

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How Many Drinks Are In A Keg? Your Keg Ordering Guide

King Keg is here in Los Angeles to handle all of your keg-related needs. Looking to get your favorite beer or wine on tap? Alternatively, maybe you want to stock up for a professional event on cold-brew coffee, kombucha, or tea? Whether it’s a party keg or a keg in your house or office, we’ve got you covered.

Getting Started With Keg Sizes

A common question we get from first-time and returning keg buyers is what size keg is best for their office, event, or party. We are going to break down our keg sizes and drink servings to help you figure out how to best meet your needs, but first, you’ve got to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Which beverage(s) do you want?
  • In what size of cups will you be serving drinks?
  • How many people do you expect to be serving?
  • What percentage of the people attending will be drinking?
  • How long does the keg need to last?

Our Los Angeles keg delivery goes direct to your doorstep and we’re here to to make your beverage experience easy so you can focus on having a good time. Feel free to reach out with any immediate questions.

5.5 Gallon Keg

Our smallest option provides 58 12-ounce servings or 44 16-ounce servings. A 16-ounce serving is your standard pint glass, so this gallon size is perfect for small get-togethers or to fill an at-home need. In an office? Think of this as a companion to your standard water cooler when only a few folks are involved.

7.5 Gallon Keg

If you need your beverages to last a little longer, consider this size of keg which provides 80 12-ounce servings or 60 16-ounce servings. Medium-sized parties or offices? No problem. If you need to keep a small conference caffeinated and happy all day, this could be the perfect sized keg for you too.

13.2 Gallon Keg

Whether it’s a block party or major corporate event, this 13.2-gallon party keg might be your go-to. This keg provides 140 12-ounce servings or 105 16-ounce servings to keep your guests satisfied. Keep the options and the drinks flowing at your next event with kegs full of your favorite alcoholic or not alcoholic beverages.

15.5 Gallon Keg

Our biggest keg size provides 165 12-ounce servings or 124 16-ounce servings. If you know you’re going to have a packed house for your upcoming occasion, this is probably the keg for you. Get equipped for multiple servings of your favorite drinks with our largest option. We make it easy to keep your guests (and host!) happy for your full event.

Additional Supplies

If it helps you pour, drink, or serve alcohol, we will locate, deliver, and set it up for you! Don’t waste time tracking down a keg and keg supplies separately when King Keg is your one-stop-shop. Choose the full party package that fits your needs or check out our kegerator options. We’ve got your keg delivery set for any office, home or event in Los Angeles. Contact us today to make sure you get your favorite drinks available on tap!


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