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High morale in the workplace is something all office settings aspire to achieve. It’s when employee spirits are high and everyone in your team can exhibit confidence in their capacity to take on daily tasks with a cheerful and proactive approach. It goes without saying that coffee is essential to fueling any office team, and therefore, it wouldn’t be too bold to say that coffee is likely the cornerstone of office morale. All too often, the office coffee options are stuck in the ways of the standard instant coffee we could find just about anywhere, but King Keg doesn’t stop there. With our unique range of delicious coffee kegs, nitro coffee kegs, kombucha kegs, and office kegerator services, we have exactly what you need to get everyone pumped up and ready to take on the day!

Coffee is the Cornerstone of High Office Morale

Staff rewards are proven to increase morale, and why wouldn’t they? Everyone likes to know when they’ve done a good job. One of the best ways to express this is by showing staff that they are appreciated. A simple gesture like this makes the workplace an overall more positive place to be. Coffee breaks are something of a workplace ritual; they allow employees to have time away from their desks and refresh their minds and spirits. It’s important to facilitate a place where employees can enjoy a coffee break, and what better way to do this than with only the highest quality cold brew coffee? Not only will a high quality cold brew keg on tap increase morale, but it may save time, as employees won’t spend a large portion of their coffee break brewing a new cup every break. Not to mention, providing your employees with a cold brew keg experience they don’t have at home helps employees feel more excited to come into work.

Getting Away From The Desk

While it may sound counterintuitive, the truth is that some of the most creative and successful ideas often happen away from the desk. Creating space for employees to be able to break and have coffee together inhibits creative conversation flow and encourages the likelihood of creativity and the growth of new ideas. Not only this but having a neutral space allows employees to work through more difficult issues together. Having time where they can discuss their shared challenges around our nitro coffee keg and work through issues together allow employees to engage in cooperative problem solving which promotes a stronger framework for team building, as it allows employees to acknowledge that they are working towards a shared goal together.

Introduce a Coffee Culture to Your Workplace Today

Coffee and the workplace practically go hand in hand, but it’s up to the employer whether or not it's a mere afterthought or thing employees look forward to before their workday. Introducing quality coffees to your workplace could be one of the best changes made to the office, and it will not only give employees something to get excited about but may also help ideas to grow and employee morale to thrive! If you’re thinking about making a major change in your workplace that will boost morale, contact King Keg today about our unique selection of coffee kegs.


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