Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With These 4 Wonderful Irish Whiskeys

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St. Patrick’s day… maybe you look forward to it because it's the one day you can pull off green, maybe to celebrate Ireland and everything it stands for, or maybe you are just looking forward to having some drinks with your friends—whatever your reason, celebrate this St. Patrick’s day like the Irish do, with a toast of Irish whiskey. Here at King Keg, St. Patrick’s day is one of our favorite holidays, so we have put together a list of our top Irish Whiskeys to keep you feeling as lucky as a four leaf clover.

Redbreast Irish Whiskey

The redbreast is one of our top selling Irish whiskeys, with its delicate balance of woody, fruity, and spicy flavors. Whether you are sipping, taking shots, or mixing drinks, this Irish whisky’s mature, pot-stilled distinctiveness is sure to set your St. Patrick’s day off right.



We couldn’t do a list of Irish Whiskeys without including the standard for pub drinking. Jameson is time tested and reliable, with the ability to transport you back to a bustling tavern in the motherland— well maybe not your motherland… but someone’s! Our Jamesons are available in a range of sizes, suited to a romantic couples night or a big ol St. Patrick’s bash.


Green Spot Irish Whiskey

Green Spot is a whiskey that has stuck to its classic recipe since its inception over 100 years ago. Using the single pot copper still method, Green Spot has a distinctive and complicated flavor to rival any top shelf whiskey. Show off a little to your guests, or bring the party to a St. Patrick’s day event with this remarkable Irish Whiskey.


Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy Whiskey

A connoisseur's whisky is something to behold, and the connoisseurs of connoisseurs tend to choose Midleton when it comes to Irish Whiskey. This single barrel pot still is aged in bourbon barrels to develop its smoky yet creamy, smooth yet with a kick, full but not overpowering flavor. This whiskey is not to be squandered, in fact maybe it ought to be kept in the back room for that special midnight toast.


Check out our complete Irish whiskey list to furnish your St. Patrick day’s celebration with the perfect spirits, delivered straight to your door by King Keg.


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