7 Wines to Choose From On Your First Romantic Date

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Going out on a date with a special one should be treated with special care specially when it comes down to choosing wine. Of course, if you are 21 and you first meet your woman at the restaurant table, you can afford to consult with the waiter which wine is best to order but if you are older or visit her at the house... she counts not only on a perfect evening spent in your company, but she also is going to evaluate you in many ways, the choice of wine is one of them.

Today, the vineyards in the U.S. employs more than 350 thousand hectares of land but only half the areas grow grapes for wine. Mostly cultivated are European varieties — Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Colombard, Cheney Blue, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, white Riesling, Gewurztraminer

A major producer of American wine is California. All the best local wines, as well as a significant share of cheap wines, indicate the name of the grapes used. By law, the wine must contain at least 15% of grapes for the quality that is specified on the label. Most winemakers strive to use the greatest possible percentage of one grape variety in the manufacture of its wines.

What should you choose for the romantic date? We are going to tell you about the best wines and grape varieties.

Gnarly Head (Cabernet Sauvignon)

This wine has a rich red ruby color, characteristics of sour taste and is a pleasant bouquet. The wine shows powerful, generous aroma, made from the notes of black cherries, fruit jam, blackberry, black pepper and violet colors. The intriguing wine has a rich, juicy flavor with a dense texture, notes of black fruit, currants, earth, clove and spice, with firm tannins and a long, persistent aftertaste. It is well suited with lamb chops, steak, and chips, spaghetti Bolognese and aged cheeses.

Fortress — 11% - 12%

Cline Zinfandel

7 Wines to Choose From On Your First Romantic DateMade in California from the grapes of Zinfandel, this wine has a dense color with a purple tint. Full and harmonious fruit flavor, Californian wine Cline Zinfandel has a deep ruby color, rich and balanced taste with the unique tones of blackberry, raspberry, jam, cherries, blueberries, prunes, watermelon, plums, baking with raisins, rhubarb, peppers, and olives.

With Cline Zinfandel you can also feel the scents of lavender, green herbs, mint, dill, eucalyptus, chocolate, coffee beans, strawberries, nutmeg, cloves and black pepper. Zinfandel wine is best to drink young, at the age of three to five years of aging. Thanks to its smooth structure and rich wine, Cline Zinfandel is a the perfect complement to red meat, grilled dishes, various spicy and salty dishes, pizza and pasta with tomato sauce.

Fortress - 12%

Paul Masson (Premium California Chablis)

Light white dry wine from grape varieties Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and others. Has a light straw color, soft, little acidity, bright fruit aroma.  The wine is ideal as a standalone drink but also makes a wonderful accompaniment to the light appetizers and salads, seafood and shellfish.

Fortress - 11-12%

Johannesburg Riesling

7 Wines to Choose From On Your First Romantic DateThis is the dry white wine from the Riesling grape known in California as the Riesling Johannesburg. It has a straw color, sometimes with a greenish tinge, full-bodied taste and acidity and fine aroma. It is served in a standard glass for white wine – the bowl of the glass slightly narrower towards the top to collect all the subtle bouquet of aromas.

Wine cooled to 15 degrees and sometimes up to 10 degrees and served to the table. When chilled it is particularly nice in the summer heat. The glass warms quickly in the hand and the flavor of the drink is revealed in full.

The fortress is 11%

Star Angel (Pinot Noir)

7 Wines to Choose From On Your First Romantic Date

A generous and harmonious wine aroma captivates the vibrant notes of fresh red berries, highlighting the background light nuances of oak.  The taste of wine includes some juicy notes of blackberry, red plum and pomegranate, complemented by nuances of oak and red tea. Smooth texture and soft tannins give the taste a special charm. The aftertaste is intense, long and elegant. The wine goes well with meat dishes and cheese.

Premium California Burgundy

Red dry table wine produced in California from grapes Petite Sirah and other varieties. As a rule, this wine has a beautiful garnet color, slight tartness.

Fortress — up to 12.5%

"Kick Ranch" Syrah

7 Wines to Choose From On Your First Romantic Date

The wine has an extraordinary aroma of violet, camphor and earthy tones. The audacious and seductive wine explodes in the mouth with juicy notes of prune, with hints of sweet tobacco and leather. This luxurious wine has a long heady aftertaste. The wine is recommended in combination with meats, pates and cheeses, served with grilled meat.



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