Apocalypto Blanco Tequila (750ML)

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Alcohol Content (ABV): 40%...

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We consider our blanco to be a testament to our dedication to produce the world's finest ultra premium spirit. Hand crafted and bottled shortly after distillation leaves no chance to mask any imperfections. 

Fairly simple, but inviting aroma of oranges, ripe pear, agave and an abundance of floral nuance that range from fresh blossoms to dried flowers, delicate spice with hints of minerality. Clean agave character moves the aromas into flavors with an emphasis on fruit blossoms and supple, dried fruit, light to medium body that builds under the flavors and resolves cleanly into the finish lingering with clean agave, desert flowers, light spice, orange blossoms and hints of vanilla in a mild, cleaning evanescence the finish is lovely. 

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