Amstel Light (13.2 GAL KEG)

$189.99 Excl. tax
Alcohol Content (ABV): 3.5%
Bitterness Units (IBU): 18

Amstel Light is a lager beer brewed by Amstel Brewery. Order Amstel Light online today if you’re looking for a beer with fewer calories, without sacrificing flavor....

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Amstel Light’s recipe is grown out of a 140 year old tradition. The aroma has notes of grass and sweet grains, and its flavor is fuller than a typical light lager. The floral hops blend with the cereal grains and the sweetness from the malted barley and cold-lagered yeast. With fewer calories, Amstel Light still delivers a refreshing taste and mild bitterness that makes it a perfect beer for your next cocktail party or backyard BBQ.

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